The Difference Between Zinc Dust And Zinc Powder

zinc dust applications

Zinc dust applications – Most people are confused between zinc dust and zinc powder. Both come from similar origins. What differentiates them is their functions. This is especially caused by how they are different in their particle size. Sometimes, paint manufacturers switch the names of zinc dust applications and zinc powder and end up with the incorrect product. So, it is important to know the uses of zinc dust applications and zinc powder.

Zinc Dust

zinc dust applications is simply tiny physical particles of zinc sized between 2.5µ to 9.0µ. It is used for various purposes, such as in paint, cheap explosive, electrometallurgy, and zinc dust distillation. Zinc dust is commonly involved in cheap colours and paints to prevent rusting and corrosion of the material on which the paint is used.

Paint that is high in zinc can help to avoid corroding and rusting on steel surfaces. It also has a lot of industrial applications. Zinc-rich paint is also useful for having a heavy-duty coating for big-scale structures, such as sea containers, offshore oil rigs, and other marine equipment. You can even use it on bridges.

You can activate zinc dust by stirring it with dilute HCl. Then wash it with distilled water, absolute diethyl ether, and ethanol. After that, you can thoroughly dry it. This procedure will eliminate oxides from the zinc surface.

Zinc Powder

Zinc powder is also known as zinc granules. Compared to zinc dust, zinc powder is bigger in size, which is above 9.0µ. It is primarily utilized in galvanizing as it has anti-corrosion properties in steel, cosmetics, medicines, paints making, brass making, and die casting of some precision components. Zinc dust is also used as micronutrients for plants, animals, and even humans.

Zinc powder has some characteristics, including quick reaction time, better results, and consistency in quality.

Those are the differences between zinc powder and zinc dust. – zinc dust applications.

The Difference Between Zinc Dust And Zinc Powder

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