3 Other Usages of Products from a Zinc Oxide Factory

zinc oxide factory

In the past, a zinc oxide factory might only create a product for medicine and biotechnology purposes. However, these days, this factory also creates products for various fields. Let’s find out more about zinc oxide products here.


One of the popular zinc oxide applications is rubber. Many products in the modern era have many parts made of rubber. For example, you can find it on vehicle tires, shoes, equipment, hoses, and many more.

Interestingly, many of those rubber products have a big part of zinc oxide in them. According to the latest data, 50% of the produced zinc oxide is used in those products. So, why is zinc oxide necessary for those products’ manufacturing process?

Zinc oxide provides better durability and physical properties. Rubber with zinc oxide addition will be more agile. Furthermore, rubber absorbs impact, provides better wear and tear resistance, and withstands high temperatures. Therefore, rubber with zinc oxide has a longer lifespan compared to those without.

Skincare Products

We also can find many zinc oxide factories that make zinc oxide for skincare products. Most of these zinc oxide products can deal with various skin health problems. 

Zinc oxide also can kill bacteria, the culprit of various skin health problems. That’s not all. 

This material can lessen the harmful effects of skincare products. Therefore, this product from a zinc oxide factory is essential for skincare products and today’s market.

For example, sunscreen cream with zinc oxide provides better ultraviolet protection. Additionally, zinc oxide cream is transparent. Therefore, it won’t leave any mark on your skin after you wear it.


Zinc oxide is a well-known material that promotes and boosts the immune system and metabolism rate. Thanks to this property, the agricultural industry also uses it as one of the elements in plant growth.

Adding zinc oxide will improve crop health, life, and productivity. Moreover, many agricultural factories also add it to the final product. The food products with zinc oxide addition will enrich their mineral content and prevent the microbes from growing during shipping.


Zinc oxide has become one of the essential materials for various products, today. Starting from a limited number of industry fields, zinc oxide turns into a significant booster for various commercial products on the market.

Therefore, a zinc oxide factory has become an essential part of the industry. It would be a challenging task to maintain the quality and safety of the product without zinc oxide.

3 Other Usages of Products from a Zinc Oxide Factory

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