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Maidstone Swimming Club delivers a structured 'Learn to swim' programme, run by experienced and qualified coaching staff. We provide a high standard of teaching throughout, in order that your son or daughter progresses throughout each level of the plan.We teach to the National Plan For Teaching Swimming, a nationally recognised course. Naturally, it's our aim to make the whole process of learning to swim as fun and enjoyable as possible. Included in the programme is water confidence and good technical stroke understanding. Swimmers are continuously assessed, with recognition given as they reach the required standard. Following progression through the different stages and having attained all the awards, we always encourage swimmers to continue and progress to our competitive arm of the club.Our Learn-to-Swim section for children caters for complete beginners through to pre-competition swimmers. Lessons are planned and assessed following the ASA National Plan for Teaching of Swimming (NPTS) Levels 1-10. Many of our current competitive swimmers have progressed through our Learn-to-Swim section.

The Club’s Learn To Swim section is run by fully qualified swimming teachers following the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming, however all the teachers give their time to club on a volunteer basis, as a result of which we do not have a formal feedback system for parents (meetings or written reports).

Some swimmers will progress through LTS at a regular rate but many will spend a longer or shorter time at various stages. This is entirely normal and will not hinder their development into competitive swimmers at an older age.

Should you have any questions about your child’s swimming development or generally about how LTS works then please feel free to talk to either your specific teacher or any LTS teacher after the sessions finish, which is 8.00pm on a Thursday and 8.30pm on a Friday and we will answer your queries as best we can, as time permits. On a Friday in particular you will normally find a LTS teacher close to the Club desk, if not someone at the desk should be able to point you in the right direction or locate a teacher.

The message therefore is – don’t hesitate to ask! If you have a query don’t worry about catching a teacher for an explanation, we are just as keen to keep a close understanding/communication with parents.

In line with that sentiment here is some feedback for the parents/guardians from the teachers regarding kit:

• Goggles; it is obviously a disruption to the lessons if swimmers are struggling with their goggles. If parents/guardians could check that the kid’s goggles fit and are properly fastened then it will help us and them to concentrate on the teaching.

• Boys swim trunks; whilst we don’t insist on a certain type of trunks parents/guardians should be aware that large/baggy surf style shorts have a dragging effect which makes it harder for the swimmer to achieve good body position and stroke development and can therefore slow a swimmers progression.

• Hats; it is a good idea for anyone with long hair (i.e. that will get across the face) to wear a swimming hat. This again avoids distraction to the swimmer during lessons and can also be a safety issue.

LTS - Time Trials & Club Championships
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Time Trials:


Swimmers taking their lessons in the main pool boom end are expected to take part in Club Time Trials.

Time Trials are held 4 times a year. Each trial is held on Friday evenings over 2 consecutive weeks (2 strokes each week). There are no regular lessons on these dates.

Because of the complexity of organizing these trials registration must be done before 6.45pm. Warm up is at 7.00pm and swimming finishes by 9.00pm (younger swimmers may be finished earlier). So the important message is that no matter which session you normally swim you must be in the queue before 6.45pm or you won’t be allowed to swim - there is no flexibility in this rule.

Strokes are swum over 2 lengths except fly where there is a 25m option. Kids should try all swims, if anyone is nervous about this talk to your teacher for advice. We understand that this will be the first ever ‘racing’ for a lot of the boom swimmers and it can be daunting. Please ensure they ‘give it a go’ as it is vital for the club to properly gauge progression and picks for galas (some boom swimmers are already representing the club in competitive racing).


For future dates watch the club notice board and look on the web-site.


Club Champs:


LTS Boom swimmers are entitled to take part in the Club Championships.