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Written by Claire Muller   
Tuesday, 27 March 2018 14:02


The second round of the Medway Championships 2018 took place at Mote Park on Saturday 24th March. Due to the large numbers of people applying for this gala, the decision was taken to have heat declared winners.

Unfortunately, a number of technical errors (everything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong!), meant that there were some delays in the proceedings. Despite this, all races took place, we gained lots of medals, some big pb’s and the gala finished an hour earlier than the previous.

As always, a big thankyou to our Coaches and all of the volunteers that make it possible for everyone to swim.

Womens Open 100m Butterfly
2nd          Lauren Asekome
4th           Lara Louise Gough

Open Age Group – full results

1st           Lauren Braddon

2nd          Callie Ann Warrington

4th           Lauren Asekome

6th           Lara Louise Gough

Mens Open 100m Butterfly

2nd          James Dick

3rd           Joshua Griggs

4th           Finlay Smith

5th           Adam Broomfield

Open Age Group – full results

1st           Thomas Willetts

2nd          Benjamin Tritton

3rd           Richard Carr

6th           James Dick

Girls 10 Years 100 IM

4th           Seren Lloyd Jones

Boys 10 Years 100 IM

1st           Luca Moroianu

4th           Samuel Bennett

Girls 12 Years 100m Freestyle

1st           Caitlin Calverley

2nd          Abbie Outram

3rd           Amy Conner

4th           Jyosna Rai

Boys 12 Years 100 Freestyle

2nd          Charles Stanley

Girls 15 Years 100 Freestyle

1st           Hannah Bowie

2nd          Lara Louise Gough

6th           Agatha Skelton

Boys 15 Years 100m Freestyle

2nd          Finlay Smith

4th           Edward Gray

6th           Adam Chruscinski

Girls 14 Years 100m Breastroke

4th           Daisy Allistone

Womens 12/13 Years 100m Freestyle Team

1st           Maidstone SC A

2nd          Maidstone SC B

Mens 12/13 Years 100m Freestyle Team

2nd          Maidstone SC A

5th           Maidstone SC B

Mens 19 years/over 50m Backstroke

1st           Thomas Willetts

Girls 11 years 100m Backstroke

1st           Nicole Quiller

2nd          Evie Smith

Boys 11 years 100 Backstroke

2nd          Frank Chadwick

Girls 13 Years 100m Butterfly

5th           Harriet Hughes

Boys 13 Years 100m Butterfly

2nd          Luke Reid

5th           Matt Burrows

6th           Thomas Hicks

Womens Open 100m Backstroke

2nd          Hope Paice

4th           Hannah Bowie

5th           Daisy Allistone

6th           Jessica Brown

Womens Open Age Group – full results

1st           Lauren Braddon

3rd           Hope Paice

5th           Hannah Bowie

6th           Daisy Allistone

Mens Open 100m Backstroke

2nd          James Dick

3rd           George Blair

5th           Oliver Tritton

6th           Luke Reid

Mens Open Age Group – Full results

1st           Richard Carr

3rd           Benjamin Tritton

4th           Jamie Carey

5th           James Dick