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Written by Claire Muller   
Sunday, 11 February 2018 20:03



Well done all Maidstone swimmers brilliant weekend loads of pbs and regional times.

200 Individual Medley

Finn Reardon 12th

George Clarke 15th

William Ellaway 8th

Jamie Dick 5th

Oliver Tritton 6th

Tom Willetts 7th

Richard Carr 10th

Ben Tritton 6th

Nicole Quiller 7th

Evie Smith 4th

Caitlin Calverley 8th

Hope Paice 9th

Lauren Braddon 7th

50 Back

Evie Smith 12th

Abbie Outram 26th

Nicole Quiller 3rd

Amy Conner 21st

Emma Bennett 8th

Mya Diboll 24th

Zara McKeown 20th

Daisy Allistone 12th

Hannah Bowie 14th

Anna Broomfield 9th

Hope Paice 4th

Zara Farrow 10th

Callie Ann Warrington 6th

Luca Moroianu 14th

Frank Chadwick 15th

Charles Stanley 14th

George Baster 16th

Zach Whybrow 20th

Joe Reardon 15th

Finn Reardon 14th

Luke Reid 4th

George Clarke 25th

William Ellaway 10th

Jamie Dick 4th

Oliver Tritton 11th

Ethan burrows 14th

Richard Carr 3rd and 4th open

Ben Tritton 10th


50 Fly

Frank Chadwick 16th

Charles Stanley 17th

Finn Reardon 20th

Luke Reid 14th

Finn Smith 25th

William Ellaway 21st

Jamie Dick 6th into final

Oliver Tritton 10th

Ethan Burrows 30th

Richard Carr 15th

Tom Willetts 9th

Ben Tritton 27th

Evie Smith 8th

Abbie Outram 11th

Zara McKeown 34th

Rebecca Phillips 36th

Mya Diboll 37th

Zara Farrow 21st

Daisy Allistone 15th

Esther Gray 24th

Lara Louise Gough 14th

Hannah Bowie 23rd

Lauren Asekome 13th

Hope Paice 7th

Anna Broomfield 7th

Lauren Braddon 5th

Callie 2nd and 4th open

50 Breast

Joshua Peaper 20th

Finn Reardon 25th

Joe Reardon 16th

Finlay smith 22nd

George Clarke 23rd

Adam Broomfield 33rd

Matt Burrows 11th

William Ellaway 21st

Jamie Dick 19th

Max Reardon 22nd

Oliver Tritton 16th

Ethan Burrows 24th

Ben Tritton 17th

Richard Carr 2nd age group 3rd Open



Nicole Quiller 5th

Evie Smith 2nd

Harriett Hughes 25th

Caitlin Calverley10th

Daisy Allistone 24th

Esther Gray 25th

Laauren Asekome 26th

Hope Paice 23rd

Zara Farrow 12th

Lara louise Gough 10th

Callie ann Warrington 14th

50 Freestyle

Evie Smith 16th

Nicole Quiller 3rd

Abbie Outram 11th

Emma Bennett 15th

Daisy Allistone 24th

Hannah Bowie 22nd

Lauren Asekome 20th

Zara Farrow 15th

Hope Paice 12th

Anna Broomfield 12th

Callie Ann Warrington 4th age group 4th open

Frank Chadwick 10th

Charles Stanley 15th

Joe Reardon 22nd

Luke Reid 19th

Finn Reardon 15th

Adam Broomfield 17th

Jamie Dick 15th

Finlay Smith 14th

Ethan Burrows 31st

Michael Adams 22nd

Oliver Tritton 4th

Richard Carr 11th

Tom Willets 10th

Ben Tritton 18th

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